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Standard Needle Loom Machine

Heavy Width Needle Loom Machine

Double Option Needle Loom Machine

Zipper Belt Needle Loom Machine

Computerised Jacquard Loom (Inverter) Machine

Computerised Jacquard Loom Machine

Computerised Jacquard Loom (High Speed) Machine

High Speed Warp Knitting (Reeb Tape) Machine

Crochet Knitting Machine

Computerised Crochet Knitting Machine

Round Braiding Machine

Flat Braiding Machine

Twisted Rope Braiding Machine

Automatic Double Spindle Bobbin Winding Machine

Computerised Lace Knitting Machine

Sewing Thread Re-winding Machine

High Speed Sewing Thread Re-Winding Machine

Bopp Tape (Gum Tape) Slitting Machine

Automatic Yarn Warping Machine

Latex/ Spandex Warping Machine

Double Head Yarn Warping Machine

Sample Yarn Warping Machine

Automatic Plastic Tipping Machine

Semi-Automatic Plastic Tipping Machine

Semi-Automatic Metal Tipping Machine

Semi-Automatic Yarn Tipping Machine

Rubber Yarn Covering Machine

Computerised Bobbin Winder Machine

Continuous Tape Dyeing Machine

Sample Tape Dyeing Machine

Digital Paper Cutting Machine

Digital Creasing and Die Cutting Machine

Finishing & Starching Machine

Festooning Machine

High Speed Automatic Yarn Re-Winding Machine

Digital Table Rolling Machine

Automatic Vertical Tape Winding Machine

Wobbler Machine

Aluminium Beam

Computerised Crochet Knitting Machine Series
TM-CCK Computerised Crochet Knitting Machine

• This machine is suitable for the production of various elastic and non-elastic fancy tapes, laces, bra elastic, petticoats, underwear, waistbands. It can produce exquisite knitting patterns and lace knitting.

TM-RB Braiding Machine

• This machine suitable for round drawstring, elastic cord, braided ropes, shoelaces, elastic ropes, cumbers bunds, pull tapes and other kinds of round tapes.

TM-FB Braiding Machine

• This machine suitable for flat drawstring, elastic cord, braided ropes, shoelaces, elastic ropes, cumbers bunds, pull tapes and other kinds of flat tapes.

TM-TB Twisted Rope Braiding Machine

• This is twisting type braiding machine. Suitable for production of 2ply, 3ply & 4ply twisted ropes, cords, bag handles, fancy ropes etc.

TM-BW Automatic Double Spindle Bobbin Winding Machine

• This is auxiliary machine for braiding machine, used to wind various yarns onto the spindles loading/unloading, winding, cutting are all fulfilled automatically, which save space and labor. Digital control, electronic counting, auto broken yarns protection device, spindles detecting alarm system and motor yarns arrangement by motor. High speed, low and less maintenance.

TM-LK Computerised Lace Knitting Machine

• Production of lace tapes for high grade garments, shoe caps, bedding, curtains and gifts packing.

TM-SWS Sewing Thread Re-winding Machine

• Computer length counter. Auto-stop when power lost. Auto-memory when power lost. Auto-silicon oil device. Auto-electric tension adjustment. Per head per motor. Empty plastic bobbins carrier.

TM-SWH High Speed Sewing Thread Re-winding Machine

• High speed winder is applicable for winding sewing thread, embroidery thread, nylon thread etc. This machine features availability of computer based separate control of each single spindle, a frequency change and slotted spool yarn guide device, an electric magnetic tension force control system, a pump based cycling type oiling device, Characteristics of a good shape information, high efficiency, easy operation, assured safety and reliability and broad applicability.

TM-GT BOPP Tape (Gum Tape) Slitting Machine

• Full-automatic four-shaft exchange system is adopted and the efficiency is improved. PLC control system with touch panel operation. The banana roller is specially designed to eliminate tape wrinkles during extension and feeding. Unwinding double-press roller can reduce noise. (optional) Auto tabbing device, jumbo roll-up- lifter device, noise hood and air score knives device.


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